Waterbury YSB gives back!


October 7th, a group of curious and caring youth from Waterbury YSB joined Outside Perspectives on a day off from school for some exciting games, initiatives, and an opportunity to give back to a local park. After meeting new friends and getting to know each other a little better through some ice breakers we tested their ability to work together as a team. These folks caught on quickly using some newly acquired communication skills to solve problems together.

We learned about some of the natural and wild surroundings in the local community and rallied together to remove SEVEN OVERFLOWING BAGS of trash from Fulton Park. Much of the garbage had clearly been polluting the beautiful park pond for many months, if not years. We were so grateful that these youth were willing to put in such a strong effort to help their community with a job many would choose to avoid. The youth made a HUGE difference while also having some fun!

When the trash picking was done, no one was too shy or too old to take a turn on the swings! We had so much fun with these guys and we hope to see them again soon!



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