“Future Leaders” Bronx Adventure


Outside Perspectives and Future Leaders youth spent May 14th geocaching and exploring wild and natural spaces in Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx, NY. Outside Perspectives co-founders, Shannon and Nicky met the group at the last stop on the 1 line,  242nd St., on a sunny Saturday morning.  The day felt joyful as the youth soaked up the sun and practiced map and compass skills, played games, solved team challenges and devoured a picnic lunch on a high rocky outcropping overlooking the park. The Future Leaders were fully engaged offering their unique perspective on the challenges of the day.

Future Leaders used newly acquired map and compass skills to criss-cross the park  finding hidden caches along the way. Geocaching, a treasure hunt found in countries around the world, requires individuals to use navigational skills to find “caches.” A typical cache is a waterproof container with small prizes or trinkets and a logbook. After signing the log, the cache is returned for the next hunter to find.  Participants discussed finding other geocaches with friends in the future and some planned to try to hide new ones as well. Geocaching is a fun way to get outside and explore the city.

Along the hunt we discovered some great old monuments and learned about the colorful local history. Did you know that critical New York City records were hidden in this overgrown burial vault during the Revolutionary War to avoid being destroyed by the British?


Youth also learned to identify some of the local wild edibles and potentially harmful plants. Below, Shannon teaches participants about garlic mustard and poison ivy.

Outside Perspectives would like to thank Ferney Giraldo, Future Leaders’ Program Manager, for his dedication to supporting the Outside Perspectives partnership and for helping to make our day together happen. Outside Perspectives looks forward to our fall Expedition with Future Leaders!

IMG_7884 (1)
On top of Vault Hill, with a view of the Manhattan Skyline in the distance.

3 thoughts on ““Future Leaders” Bronx Adventure

  1. This was a day well spent with Nicky and Shannon. After learning new navigational skills and practicing them I felt more confident as a leader. I am very greatful for the experience and can not wait to have another!

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  2. Hey Angelica,
    Thanks for this amazing shout out!! We were so glad that you were able to join us for this awesome day, you contributed so much to the experience. We are also very excited to see you again at our next event with Future Leaders. We hope that your job at the Bronx Zoo is going well and that you’re finishing up your senior year strong!
    Be well, Nicky & Shannon


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