Future Leaders & Waterbury YSB Partnerships Confirmed!

This has been a BIG WEEK for us at Outside Perspectives and included a bonus tour of the Bronx Zoo following a meeting with the Future Leaders staff team in NY! We are thrilled to have an OFFICIAL PARTNERSHIP with the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Future Leaders Program and several dates confirmed on the calendar. We will lead a day of games, initiatives, and hiking within Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx in a couple of weeks to begin preparing the group for their expedition later this summer in July.

Nicky Wood on a tour of the Bronx Zoo with Future Leaders Program Coordinator Ferney Giraldo
Executive Director Nicky Wood on a Bronx Zoo tour with Future Leaders Program Coordinator Ferney Giraldo.

Equally as exciting to us is our newly SOLIDIFIED PARTNERSHIP with Waterbury Youth Service Bureau (YSB)! We have been in conversation with this hardworking organization for several months now and can’t wait to start working with several of their programs, including their Juvenile Services and Workforce Investment Programs.  We have a handful of dates on the calendar, the first one happening very soon in Black Rock State Park near Waterbury, CT.

We are looking forward to all of the adventures ahead with both of these great organizations. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!