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We’re so excited about our first trip!

Oct 9-12th 2015

Determined to get out before it got too cold, a small group of young men from different parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts joined three instructors on a short expedition in Mt. Washington State Forest in South Western Massachusetts. We enjoyed views of the Connecticut and Massachusetts Berkshires and the New York Catskills. We watched the sunrise on Alander Mountain and sat by the rushing waters of the beautiful Bish Bash Falls. Wonderful weather and great people made for a very successful course.

Check out our Facebook Post for more details and cool photos.

Also check out our short Youtube Video to get a better sense of what happened out there.

Here’s what some participants had to say about their experience.



What do you like about backpacking and being outdoors?

“I personally feel like I was born to be outdoors, it’s just where my heart’s at. Every time I’m outdoors it feels like it’s meant to be…this is natural, this is what it’s supposed to be. I always get away from that [feeling] when I’m at home.”



Did you find anything positive about being way from technology?

“Absolutely, yeah… because at first I was thinking about my significant other, and [all the things] I have to do at home…and then I was like, you know what, if I were home right now, Id be stressed out, working, doing the same thing that I do every single day. And, just being away from technology definitely changed my perspective about how much I need to check my phone.”



Why is backpacking important to you?

“Why do people run marathons? It’s to prove to yourself that you’re capable of doing something you don’t normally do or you never even have to do, it’s just to prove I’m tough and that I can do this. On top of it, the nice icing on the cake…IT’S FREAKING BEAUTIFUL OUT HERE!”